Nuʻuanu Baptist Church / June 29, 2022



Our hearts are full!  If you were present on Sunday morning, you might agree with that exclamation.  Why?


** Hearing Brandon Schoen’s testimony of how Hannah introduced him to Jesus, and how his pastor persisted in his witness to Brandon till he confessed his faith in Jesus as his Lord and Savior.


** Being convicted by Dr. Craig Webb’s message how we are all servants like our servant leader, Jesus.


** Witnessing the laying on of hands with deacons and their wives surrounding Brandon and Hannah as Sam Nonaka offered a prayer of dedication on Brandon and his new ministry as a deacon. (see photo below)


** Welcoming a good number of visitors, including Brandon’s sister and brother, and mother and stepfather.  It’s always a joy when seeds of the gospel are planted in our non-believing family members.  


** Seeing brothers and sisters with smiles lined up in the aisle to congratulate and bless Brandon and Hannah after the service was heartwarming.


** Being together as we clapped with joy celebrating two wedding anniversaries (John and Diane Hom—46 years, and Riley and Sasha Smith—1 year) and the engagement of “Gabe” Braun and Jerish Chin.  Family joy!


Every Sunday is great to be in the house of the Lord!  But this past Sunday was an exceptional blessing of being family and sharing much joy throughout the time of worship.  And it was evident in the number of prayers of praise from those who attended prayer meeting at 5 pm.  


Grace and Peace,


Pastor Bob




July 4 Holiday  is on Monday, so the church office will be closed.


Exciting new Bible studies are in the future.  Stay tuned!  


Deacons and Wives had a great retreat on Saturday, June 25.  Chairman Sam Nonaka planned a full agenda for the day.  Lots of good teaching by Pastor Johnny, discussion, and bonding as a team.