Coming Together

Nu’uanu Baptist Church / November 18, 2020


In my message on Sunday, we looked at the tower of Babel.  I mentioned that people strive to be the fastest, smartest, richest, etc. thinking that will make their lives more meaningful and satisfying, but Jesus said in Mark 8:36:


“For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?”


What will it profit you?  You can have Babel with all its power, moral degeneration, decadence, loneliness, despair, and deceptive pleasure, but that won’t satisfy your soul.


Today I want to briefly share with you the testimony of a friend of ours who found Jesus' words in Mark 8 to be true in her life.


Soon after Gail and I arrived in Japan as new missionaries, back in the late 70’s, one of the young people from our church in Walnut Creek, California, where I was youth pastor, wrote us a letter informing us she would be coming to Japan to co-star in a Japanese television series.  We eventually met her at the airport and we were introduced to her co-star, a famous Japanese actor.


The show that Micki was in was the number one rated show at the time.  Micki became famous and married her co-star.  I can remember hearing Micki talk about her success and their investments and how important it was to keep track of all their money.  


However, even with her wealth and status, hers wasn’t a fairytale ending.  She and her husband ended up living apart with her working in America in movies, and he continuing his TV work in Japan.  After a few years they divorced.  


Micki found some success working in America.  She made a movie, “The Loch Ness Horror” and was in a pilot TV show with Gail’s favorite comedienne, Lucille Ball.   


Later, Micki became a pro golfer on the woman’s tour.  You could say, Micki had it all, she had a friendly personality, was a talented actress, singer, golfer and business woman.  She had plenty of money.  Micki said she used to depend on others in order to make her happy.  She cared more about what other people thought about her than what God thought, so she did things that she knew were not pleasing to God.


Although as a youth, Micki was a faithful member of the youth group in California, when she became successful, Micki gradually stopped reading her Bible and going to church and grew very distant from God.  


After a few years of walking in darkness she recommitted her life to Jesus and wanted to share the gospel with the Japanese.  She said when she lived in Japan as an actress, she didn’t care about sharing her faith with the Japanese. But she returned to Japan as a missionary volunteer and shared the gospel with everyone she met.  She realized that real life, real joy, and real purpose comes from a close relationship with Jesus Christ.


It’s easy to get caught up in what the world thinks is important and we sometimes subtly teach our children that those are the most important values.  May we teach our children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, that the most important thing in life is knowing Jesus as our Lord and Savior.  When we do that, everything else comes into proper perspective.  In Matthew 6:33, Jesus told us:


“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”


May we never stop seeking Him, His kingdom and His righteousness.


God bless,


Pastor Bob





Come participate  in this Sunday’s business Meeting after the worship service.

Next Sunday, we will observe the Lord’s Supper during the worship service.


Come and worship with us at our Thanksgiving Service on Thursday, November 26, at 9 am.  You can attend in person, or online on our Facebook page.  Be blessed by the praise in singing, testimonies by Trever Duarte and Melanie Hom, and a time of pop-up testimonies from the congregation.


Please turn in your contribution to the “I thank God, during this pandemic,….”  by Sunday at the very latest, to the church office or to Gail.


No Bible studies next week on Wednesday night (25th) and Thursday night (26th).


Oahu Baptist Network Annual Meeting is tomorrow night (Thursday, November 19) at 7 pm at Waialae Baptist Church.  It will be an important meeting, so your attendance and input will be appreciated.


LIFE Christian Churh is meeting in person from this Sunday, November 22, in the mauka first floor room in the Ware Building at 11 am.  Pray for them as they gather together again in worship.  





Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes were delivered to the collection center on Monday.  302 boxes!  Irene Lai and friends prepared half of the boxes.  Thank you NBC ohana, and to Diane Hom, our WMU Director, for coordinating this project.


Makamae Bentos will be delivered to Makamae Housing on Wednesday (Nov. 18) for their dinner.  Thank you, Liana Benn, for cooking and coordinating, and her helpers for assembling the 130 bento boxes.


Kawananakoa Middle School Ministry preparation to bless the teachers on Monday, November 23, starts at 8 am at the church.  If you would like to help pack the 100 bags, please contact Janet Chinn.  This specific ministry is provided by a donation made to the church.

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